SPARQL Query Tool

As a project for Web Semantic course, we developed a SPAQL query tool to query Turtle file(s) or an external endpoint using SPARQL query language.

We developed this tool using  .NET Framework 4.5 and dotNetRDF library ( which is an Open Source .Net Library using the latest versions of the .Net Framework to provide a powerful and easy to use API for working with RDF, SPARQL and the Semantic Web.

The main features for this tool:

  1. Easy to install(ClickOnce application).
  2. Easy to use (GUI).
  3. Powerful and Fast query executing (using dotNetRDF library).
  4. Support SPARQL 1.1 and SPARQL 1.0 
  5. Enabling multi-Turtle files selections.
  6. Exporting query result as Excel file.
  7. support multi-endpoint(DBPedia,Geonames,linkedmdb)
  8. Using FROM and FROM NAMED statement by providing the full path of the Turtle file.
  9. and More ... 

The Setup Package from the following link: 


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