Monday, November 25, 2013

How to turn off magic_quotes_gpc at Godaddy hosting

If You try to deploy your Joomla website at Godaddy hosting , you may face a problem that you should turn off  magic_quotes_gpc, in this article I will explain the correct way to do that.

After I had searched for in the internet and try many solves , I Found the best solution as following  :

(1) First of all do not try to turn off the magic quotes in your .htaccess file, it won’t work on godaddy.
(2) Second, if you’re running PHP5 on your account, rename your php.ini file to php5.ini, make sure it’s in your root folder.
(3) Third, make sure all the lines in your php5.ini file end in a semi colon ;
(4) Fourth, add this line to your php5.ini file:
magic_quotes_gpc = Off;

the  source :

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